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General Background

The immune system strikes a remarkably tight balance between controlling infections while still limiting immunity to self tissues (‘autoimmunity’). A case in point is T cell derived cytokines: while critical for protecting against infectious disease, they are also central to driving pathology in most autoimmune conditions. Consequently, ‘biologic’ drugs that neutralize cytokines have become mainstays of treating autoimmune diseases.

The Gaffen lab takes a basic science approach to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underline cytokine-mediated inflammation, whether for good (prevent infections) or bad (promote autoimmune pathology). Our main focus is IL-17, which is produced mainly by T cells and other lymphocytes.


IL-17 acts mainly on stromal and epithelial cells, and hence links the immune system with inflamed tissues. IL-17 and its receptor are unique in structure and sequence from other known cytokine families, and the Gaffen lab was among the first to study the molecular signaling mechanisms induced by this novel family of cytokines. Efforts to understand this pathway in depth are a major focus of the lab.

Photo by Bernie Hube lab


Dr. Gaffen’s group was the first to demonstrate that IL-17 is critical for immunity to mucosal infections with a common commensal fungus, Candida albicans. Although normally not a problem in healthy individuals, C. albicans is the causative agent of oral and vaginal thrush and also of a serious hospital-acquired form of candidiasis that can be associated with >50% mortality.


Antibodies that neutralize IL-17 were approved in 2016 to treat psoriasis and are under evaluation for other autoimmune or immunopathological diseases. Dr. Gaffen’s lab aims to understand both the physiological impact of cytokine blockade, as well as the ways in which understanding signaling might be exploited for therapeutic benefit.

Current Funding

Gaffen, Principal Investigator

R37-DE022550 – “Host and fungal regulation of Type 17 immunity to oral candidiasis”, 2017-2022
R01- AI147383 “Molecular mechanisms of IL-17-dependent autoimmune signaling” 2019-2024
R01- AI162616 “RNA binding proteins in end-organ autoimmunity” 2022-2027 (with P. Biswas, MPI)

Gaffen, Co-Investigator

R01-DE031382 (PI, Marc Swidergall, UCLA/Lundquist Inst) “Oral commensal fungi and structural immunity” 2022-27

R01-AI142354 (PI Partha Biswas) “Mechanisms of neutrophil dysfunction in antifungal immunity” 2019-24
R01-AI079178 (PI, T Lu Cornell) “Lymphatic regulation of lymph node function in lupus” 2022-27

Selected Publications

Review Articles

Amatya N, Garg AV, Gaffen SL. IL-17 signaling: The Yin and the Yang. Trends Immunol. 2017; 38:310-322.   

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Fungal Immunity and IL-17/TH17 Cells

Zhou C, Monin L, Gordon R, Aggor FEY, Bechara R, Edwards T, Kaplan DH, Gingras S, Gaffen SL. An IL-17F.S65L knock-in mouse reveals similarities and differences in IL-17F function in oral candidiasis: A new tool to understand IL-17F. J Immunol, 2020; 205:720. ***Note, mice will be available from MMRRC some time in 2021

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Verma AH, Richardson JP, Moyes DL, Ho J, Huppler AR, Ramani K, Coleman BM, Kane LP, Biswas PS, Hube B, Naglik JR, Gaffen SL. Oral epithelial cells orchestrate innate Type 17 responses to Candida albicans through the virulence factor Candidalysin. Science Immunology, 2017; 2:eaam8834.

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Autoimmunity and Anti-cytokine Drugs

Shen F, Verma AH, Volk A, Jones B, Coleman BM, Loza M, Malaviya R, Elloso M, Gaffen SL*, Ort T*. Combined blockade of TNFα and IL-17A alleviates progression of collagen-induced arthritis without causing serious infections in mice. 2019; J Immunol, 202:2017-2026.

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Mechanisms of IL-17 Receptor Signaling

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Other Articles of Interest

Shapiro VS, Kovats S, Parent MA, Gaffen SL, Hedrick CC, Jain P, Denzin LK, Raghavan M, Stephens R. Update on gender equity in immunology, 2001 to 2016. J. Immunol., 2016; 197:3751-3753.

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