Gaffen Lab Philosophy

WE BELIEVE in the highest standards of scientific integrity and honesty. We follow where the data lead, even if results prove our hypothesis wrong or take us in unexpected directions.

WE BELIEVE that the number seventeen is awesome.

WE BELIEVE that science benefits from a diverse, inclusive and mutually respectful environment. The Gaffen Lab has a 20+ year history of lab members of different nationalities, races, genders, sexual orientations and lifestyles. Prejudice, hatred or misogyny have no place here.

WE BELIEVE that everyone’s ideas are worth hearing.

WE BELIEVE that ice cream, chocolate and coffee are essential food groups.

WE BELIEVE that the Impact Factor of a journal ≠ the quality of a scientific paper.

WE BELIEVE that a career in science can be compatible with a personal life. While hard work is expected, the pursuit of science is a marathon, not a sprint, and it is essential to take time to rest, relax and practice self-care.   

WE BELIEVE in celebrating victories and life events, including graduations, grants, weddings, paper publications, birthdays, and anything related to the number 17.