2022- Dave and Andy’s! Best ice cream in Oakland

2021- Trip to Phipps Conservatory with the Biswas and McGeachy labs

The gang … but do you notice anything funny about this pic?

2020 – Year of the Mask

Felix ready to count colonies
Rami (foreground), with Bianca and Yang photobombing…
Katie says, “I love to roll cotton balls, really I do”
Sarah, ready to protest
Tiffany (when someone uses up the last of the IL-17?)
Chunsheng, Proud Pitt Panther

Holiday Party 2019

card for the Boss, courtesy of BioRender
Homemade gift for Yang
no caption needed!
Rami & Dedong compare Mr Coffee gifts
Pranks on a vacationing lab member
Pitt Day of Caring – with the Chancellor!
Pirates game
Tiffany mini-golfing
Felix mini golfing
Gaffen “Family Feud” team at Immunology retreat
Giant Microbe (Candida albicans)

Kayaking on the Allegheny River


Lab Antics

Marching for Science

Lab Twins

Working hard
Birthday twins, Olja Finn and Sarah Gaffen
Jamie Tweedle (postdoc) and Erin Childs (lab manager)
Yang and Felix